A Travel Guide to Agadir for the Natural Travel Lovers

Agadir is a fabulous city located in the south west area of Morocco. It might not be a well known city but it is an exclusive city as far as tourist destination is concerned. Agadir travel guide will make you aware of Agadir city and its beautiful attractions. Far away from the rushes of life and noise of city this is a silent city with a modern culture. It is a well equipped city consisting of all latest and modern amenities. This Agadir travel guide will be really helpful for everyone who are planning their holidays and not heard of this picturesque city.

Agadir has a very tragic origin. Due to a sudden disaster penalized by nature in 1961 there occurred an earthquake that took the lives of many people. Then this was rebuilt again with the blessing of God and was revolutionized with latest technologies and inventions. There are many places to visit here for the tourists. The atmosphere here is little mild and cool but it is really liked by everyone. The days and nights have a great charm of their own.

Agadir also has some of the beautiful beaches worth enjoying and best during summers. The beaches are vast, tidy and fully fledged with sunbath beds, umbrella shades, nearby natural flora enhance its beauty more. Agadir travel guide is your information guide who makes you know about when to travel and how to plan up your trip. There are many cheap flights to Morocco and Agadir. A lot many cheap and classy hotels like Club hotel Riu Tikida Dunas, Hotel Kamal etc. are also there where you can have a safe and comfortable stay.

The Agadir City of Morocco is also well known about its history and there are remnants of those lavish past architecture. So some of the museums like Bert Flint museum etc. have preserved the antiques for the tourists. These museums reflect the old lost culture of the city Agadir.

Agadir has a special attribute of a graceful night. People in the night time are full of their spirits and enjoy many of the things out here. Agadir travel guide has covered many of the things like there are lounges and bars with most expensive and high quality wines and multicuisine foods. The restaurants are also having expert chefs to prepare international Cuisines. The tourists party whole night and enjoy their weekends and vacations.