How to Make and Popularize Travel Guides

Which is the best place to look up for information, when you are about to travel in a new land? What is best source of guidance if you are lost in a new city? Where would you seek help when you are out with your family or friends in a different town and you are looking for a place to live in? All the answers lie in travel guides – one of the most important keys to all the questions above, and more.

In this article we will talk about travel guides, how to make them, how to popularise them or available to the common public or the target audience and what to remember while making the travel guides. They are an important source of information and they take a very significant position in a traveller’s life because it is the guide to various destinations – it provides the means to reach there and it provides the information about the place.

When you are making them, there are two very important things to remember. First, the travel guides should be written in simple language and second, they should cover important topics – critical to the traveller. They should be written in simple language because you don’t expect the traveller to carry a dictionary wherever he goes, neither would you expect your reader to be interested in rich literature. A simple diction would help the reader understand better and stay interested.

The second important thing is that it should cover the important topics like areas, geographical details important to a traveller like, culture and lifestyle, languages spoken, places to eat and stay along with expected costs, climatic conditions etc. You can make your travel guide available through the internet – blogs and online journals. Or you can also get them printed as a booklet or make it available through travel magazines and periodicals that support travel features and write ups.